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About ChurchWhere

ChurchWhere is a brand new tool for locating churches around the world by location, denomination, attendance, belonging, beliefs and purpose.

Our Vision

We believe everyone, anywhere, in any city, town or village, on any continent, will be able to access our tool and get connected with other believers for the purposes of glorifying God.

We believe churches should be able to connect with visitors that they might not have the chance or resources to individually meet and greet. We want churches that might not be able to afford tools such as a website and marketing to have the opportunity to access such tools for free.

We believe that we are creating a framework for all Christians, across the globe, to connect with each other for the purposes of glorifying God.

Our Story

This is the story of two strangers with the same vision.

Nikita travels often and kept encountering a desire to visit local churches near wherever he was. His first instinct was always to search the web to find the places where brothers and sisters gather, in whichever city and country he found himself in; this generally led to hours of browsing and distance calculations.

Andrew relocated with his wife from Scotland, UK to Charlotte, NC, USA. While blessed to be suddenly in the midst of so many churches; it was still very difficult to find one that they really connected with. When they eventually did find one, circumstances changed between the birth of their first child and moving home and suddenly they were on the hunt again. Having tried several churches, a different one each Sunday, Andrew and his family finally found a church they connected with; a few years later after yet another relocation.

The Lord gave us both the same idea many years ago. He gave us the same vision even though we had never yet met.

We separately started working on this tool and are more than honored to share the results with you today.

One day, Nikita got a message from Andrew in a way that only the Holy Spirit could have planned. Andrew had built a web based tool and was desperately trying to think up a name. He thought about ChurchWhere… then forgot about it… then remember about it in a dream… searched to see if it was available… got discouraged when it wasn’t. Thankfully Nikita’s contact details were on the domain registration, so finally after much deliberation, he reached out to Nikita to try and purchase the domain. As God’s timing is always perfect, it just so happened that Nikita had also just started working on the project again and was contemplating heading to Silicon Valley to find a development team to turn his prototype into reality. Nikita obviously did not want to part with the domain name, however, they talked and quickly discovered that they shared the identical vision, and with the Holy Spirit leading, decided to team up.

The journey of ChurchWhere had begun.

Months of work added, our beta product is released.