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Hunter grew up in the church, but now that he’s graduated college and living on his own for the first time, he’s not sure if he wants to continue attending. He started visiting churches but hasn’t felt a connection to the right church. Hunter grew tired of visiting church after church, week after week, and almost quit looking.

Until he found ChurchWhere.

Hunter searched for a church that met the criteria he was looking for and narrowed it down to three options. Of the three, he found a church that fills the hunger in his spirit with the teaching he needs.
You have a heart for people like Hunter. Perhaps Hunter is like someone in your family, or perhaps you were once Hunter, looking for the right church. With the help of donors like you, ChurchWhere will fill the void for millions of people worldwide who are church-less and strongly desire a church family.

For your gift of $35, $50, or even $250, you will help families worldwide find a church through the ChurchWhere website or the mobile app. Your donation will help connect people to the local church and expand God’s kingdom.