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Immanuel Bible Church
6911 Braddock Rd, Springfield

Immanuel Bible Church


"Who We Are
Our name says something about who we are – Immanuel Bible Church.
""Immanuel"" speaks of the personal God who loves us and desires a relationship with those He created in His image. The God of the Bible is not remote, distant or aloof. Rather, He is Immanuel, God with us. Come and experience the nearness of God in this place.
Our middle name is ""Bible"" and points to our commitment to the Holy Scriptures. We do not worship the Bible; we worship the Bible's Author. The word of God is more important to us than the words of any man or woman. It reveals God Himself through Jesus Christ and wisdom for living.
As a ""Church"" we are God's prophetic instrument and the vehicle He has chosen to carry Christ's love to the ends of the earth, beginning in our own neighborhoods and communities. Church says more about who we are than what we do.
Now that you know who we are, come visit us for worship this weekend. We'd like to get to know you. To learn more about our worship services, click here. With 15 first-time visitor parking spaces you can easily find a space near the front of our building. You'll find a casual, relaxed atmosphere with a blend of traditional and contemporary music. We are honored that you would prayerfully consider making Immanuel your church home.
Looking for answers to life's most troubling questions?
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